…..after the aisle

One of my favorite people did something amazing today.  She went and got married.


The young girl I met six and a half years ago, became a bride and is now a wife.

My dearest Sara,

Even though you are married, I promise to still be here to talk via text or phone or in-person.  I will pray for you that God will grow you into the wife that is the perfect help-meet for Garhett.  Remember, marriages are much more than the wedding day.  They take work and many compromises but the sweat and tears will be worth it.  Pray for your husband everyday.  Ask God to guard his heart and his mind.  Speak highly of him to your friends and your parents.  Follow his lead. Be his biggest fan.


You have a Proverbs 18:22 woman on your hands.  If you want to look it up, I will wait. …….   Cherish her.  Always think of her as your bride.  Treat her reverently.  Learn her.  Pray with her each day, and then pray for her; that God would guide her and keep her safe from harm.  Speak highly of her to your friends and your parents. Be the servant leader of your home. 

Love God more than you love each other.

Much love,

Mama Coney

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