vinegar, schminegar

I will admit, I was skeptic.

I have just converted to the “clean your house with vinegar” bandwagon.

Not because I have kids with allergies.  Not because I am overly chemical conscious.

……but because I am a cheap-skate , I mean frugal, and it really worked!

The new house contains a bathtub large enough to lose a child in.  They jokingly refer to it as the swimming pool. 

This tub, while ultimately enjoyable to soak in (and yes, you can be jealous of me…),  takes a month of Sundays to clean and about a can of scrubbing bubbles at a time. 

I had read somewhere on facebook that vinegar was tough on soap scum.  Having nothing to lose except more money on Scrubbing Bubbles, I tossed some vinegar into a quart jar with some of the discarded orange peels which resulted from Jeremiah’s afternoon snack.

I just, moments ago, sprayed the tub with my vinegar and let it set for about 5 minutes.  I came back with my sponge and did a quick swipe with the scrubby side…. and all that soap scum was GONE!!!!  I mean gone, gone.

So, this cheap-skate, I mean frugal mom has been converted.

For more information on how to make this yourself….  visit:

Try it.  If it works for you, I will save you a seat on the bandwagon :)

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2 thoughts on “vinegar, schminegar

  1. Being the crazy cleaning lady (obsessively)- I MUST try this- I’m a cheap…errrr…frugal broad too! :-) Thanks for sharing!

    • I was totally shocked. I honestly didn’t expect it to work very well. When I used the Scrubbing Bubbles I would spray and spray and then scrub afterwards.

      With this, I used a very mild scrubby pad ( the ones I use on my fancy pots in the kitchen… so they are really gentle) and the soap scum was just gone. It was the coolest thing. A quick rinse and my tub was all sparkly!

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