C is for compassion

com.pas.sion   (n.)  - a deep awareness of the suffering of others, coupled with a desire to alleviate it.

My dear children,

I pray that you will cultivate compassion in your hearts.  To have compassion for others you will need to learn to look beyond your own reflection, you own home, your own yard.

Look for the people who sit quietly.  Are they hiding behind sad eyes with a lonely heart? Sometimes your smile is enough to speak to their soul.

As you grow older, you will have friends who will experience profound loss; their parents will pass, and heaven forbid, they may lose a child.  Their ache will be your ache.  Sitting quietly, holding their hand while they make phone calls, fix a meal, fold their laundry, each task is an act of compassion.  It says, “I see you are hurting. I am here.  I will help.”

It is easy to forget in your everyday life, that many of the people you meet are lost.  The biggest act of compassion you could perform is to share with them the hope that resides in you.  Your hope for eternity.  Ask God for a compassionate heart so you can see those who need him most.

~love, mom

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