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I have been looking for a way to eat a bit healthier, and maybe lose a bit of weight in the process.  So, I have been researching and I stumbled across eating raw. 

I am not sure how this will all work out for me.  I do not think I am ready to embrace this whole raw food culture that is out there.  I am willing to try something new.  I joined in with Young and Raw on their 30 day cleanse challenge for the month of April and so far I have had two of their green smoothies.

Yesterday was day one. 

My smoothie was kale, parsley, ginger, and coconut water. 

It tasted like I ate a handful of lawn clippings.  Really, it did.  I think I was still chewing on the kale and parsley hours later.

Not to be deterred by one recipe, I bravely made the drink for day two.

It was blueberries, parsley, spinach, and coconut water.

It still tasted vaguely of fresh cut grass, apparently parsley will do that to a beverage, but the blueberries made it much more tolerable.

I have no idea if this smoothie thing will work.  I have noticed that I have had a bit more energy through the afternoon when I drink these in the morning. 

…. I will let you know how the next few days go….  maybe I will even find a recipe that doesn’t taste like grass…. 

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