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I have missed this little corner of cyberspace. A place of my own creation, where I can say what is on my mind and in my heart. I come today in a reflective mood, looking to find a way to adequately communicate with words what the year 2013 has been about.

To properly reflect and recap I suppose that one should start at the beginning…..

January of 2013 found us in a state of near homelessness. Our home of nearly six and a half years was being sold. The owners had stopped paying, and as the renters we were powerless to purchase the home or change the eminent loss of a roof over our head.  We needed to be out by February 1, but we had no where to land. In the middle of the month, we signed a lease on a new house that we first saw in October 2012.  The house was $300 more a month than what we had been paying.  We had been unemployed for a year, at this point, and we just had to trust God that the house He had provided; He would pay for.


February 2013 was spent unpacking and settling in.  Our new home had a new furnace and we were blessed to have a warm place to rest our heads. Excitement and hopefulness had returned.  Evan was on the verge of turning 19 and he was heading to Memphis to set about finding his fortune.


March, April, and May of 2013 were spent in preparation for Tayler graduating from High School, and setting her sights on which college she would attend in the fall.There were scholarship weekends to attend, FASFA’s to file…… No one really tells you how much paperwork is required to get a kid into college!  Yikes!  That was a learning curve!

Through it all, God provided.  He made a way for Tayler to fly to Iowa to her college scholarship weekend. He answered prayers like “Lord, we have enough money to fill the car with gas or go to the store for food, but not to do both.  Help us to know which one to choose.”  His answer was in the form of a check so that we could do both.

We spent these months caring for Jody’s mom as her health declined….. she would eventually go home to be with the Lord in May.  Our hearts were heavy as we moved on into the summer.

Summer 2013. Was a typical summer for us in the high desert. We enjoyed our first summer with air conditioning in about 5 years….. it was heavenly to have a cool house to hide from the 110° weather in.  We spent the summer at our local farmers market working and enjoying our community.

September arrived with crisp air and the beginning of our new school year.  We began our second year of Abeka and had lots of fun learning about our new teachers. Using this curriculum has been a financial change for us…..  It is expensive!  But it has given me a level of freedom in the day to day preparation that has let me work from home and still get the dishes and laundry done.

October 2013 was a month when I felt discouraged. Our finances were at rock bottom. The kids needed shoes, pants, socks…. everything was wearing out, including my optimism. We had planned a vacation, and saved up for it….. and then we had to spend all the savings on rent.  The endless unemployment was wearing on my good humor it was hard to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

God responded to my discouragement by bringing people to encourage me.  I had friends from elementary school contact us and send encouraging notes and gifts. God replaced all of our savings and then some with gifts from the most unusual sources. He used some friends to bless us with two full months of rent to carry us through the end of year. The boys got new shoes, I did too…..  God turned our despair to praise.

November and December were again full of blessings. Many unexpected ones that allowed us to travel to California and spend Christmas with my side of the family.

This year we have learned how faithful God is.  Despite our discouragement, our failings and our finances, He has made a way and provided for us. His gifts were tangible expressions of His love for our family.

As we move into 2014, I know not what the year holds. I know only that I need to continue to trust in a God that has shown himself faithful beyond measure.


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One thought on “welcome 2014

  1. It sounds like it has been quite a year for you and your family but now excited to hear how God has provided at just the time you needed. Can’t wait to hear how her continues to do so in 2014.

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