the ah-ha photo


Somewhere in October….  my son snapped a photo of me.  Later that night as I was scrolling through the photos he took from his pint sized vantage point I saw myself, just like my children do.

I was fat.

Now before you write to me and tell me that I shouldn’t be so mean to myself.  I say those words, not to be hateful, but to be truthful.  I was always the skinny girl.  I could eat what I wanted, when I wanted. I never really gained a bunch of weight.  I was active in sports as I grew up and this helped keep me trim.  So inside my head lived this skinny girl.  Even at 40 she was there.  She was keeping me from seeing what was really on the outside.  In my head I still thought I was skinny.

I could get up and down off of the floor with relative ease.  I could still run and chase the boys…. I could help my husband lift and move things that most women couldn’t.  I still thought I was skinny, because if I was fat, I would have trouble with all those things.

That night, as I sat in a rented beach house listening to the waves crashing on the shore below, the realization that the skinny girl in my head was a liar ………  became a motivator for change.

…… because, without a doubt I was fat.

I needed to be honest with that number on the scale.  It read 250 lbs and it was climbing…… I was adding chins and rolls to places there should be one or none.  I had to get serious about this or I would hover at 250 or keep growing.  Neither one of those options sounded remotely acceptable.

When we arrived home from vacation I went to look for a book that a few of my online friends had used and were seeing some success with.  It is called A Trim Healthy Mama.
I ordered the e-book because I was impatient to start reading and see what this was all about.

Little did I know that it would be the first day the skinny girl stopped lying, and started cheering…….

Each week I will share a bit more of my journey with Trim Healthy Mama.

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6 thoughts on “the ah-ha photo

  1. Hey chica – I’m walking this walk with you (however THM didn’t work for me…but I know it has / does work for many). Hugs and prayers as we BOTH work on improving our outer bodies to better glorify the Lord.

  2. I was always ‘that girl’, too- ate anything I wanted, sports, always active….then BAM! I have had those moments so many times over the past 8 years, started, reached a goal, then several months later, after thinking I was really still doing well, I finally get the real look, and I’m back to fat. I’m going to get this book as soon as I have the fundage. You’re an inspiration & YOU CAN DO IT!!! Cheers to you!

    • It was about 20 bucks.(e-version). First book in a long time that I will say has been worth every. single. penny.

      When you get it…. hollah….I will be glad to help talk you through all the new stuff you will be learning. :)

  3. Proud of you, my friend! It’s so much fun to be on this THM journey with friends. I love it and feel so much better eating this way.

    • Proud of you too! You have been doing this far longer than I have!
      It is fun to be doing this with friends….. I have a few gals coming over this week for a local group….

      I think a bunch of you down there need to get together and have “skinny fellowship” lol. :)

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