The first step

My journey began with an e-book…

I told you I was impatient to read all about it, so the point, click, read version sated my instant gratification need…..I loaded it on to my kindle and parked on the couch to see what I could learn.

About 4 chapters in….  my head started to feel like it might explode from all the information. It was the best headache of my life….. as I read, things I new about food were confirmed…

I knew we needed healthy fats in our diet….. This is why I could never get behind all the low fat – no fat way of eating.  Besides, I like butter….butter is good.

I also “knew” that many of the carbs I was eating were quick carbs, ones my body was choosing to view as simple sugars…. and I knew that those types of carbs were not doing my body any favors.  (evidenced by my hypoglycemic crashes)

As I read on, I found out I would be able to have the best of both worlds.  Butter and bacon and also carbs that my body could take the time to digest without turning them into fat layer number three.

I started with the very next meal…. That night I ate my first “S” meal.  It was satisfying. (hence the “S” title) It was Steak and broccoli with a salad and my broccoli had butter…. it was so good!

I love eating this way.  I feel so much better.  I no longer have a bloated belly… I have energy.  I have an endless variety of foods that I can eat…. as long as I keep my meals with fats, separate from my meals with carbs.

I started eating the Trim Healthy Mama way November 1st. I didn’t feel deprived over Thanksgiving…. or over Christmas.  This month, the scale shows I have lost 35 lbs. I have lost inches too…. I was a size 18 (should have been a 20) in pants.  I am now a loose 16…. and some 14′s fit.  Never in my life has the scale moved in this direction. Ok, once…. when I never ate anything… and I was maybe 24.

If you have struggled in the past with losing weight…

If you feel like to have to only eat certain foods to lose weight….

If you feel like you are fasting to lose weight…..

Please consider buying this book and just reading it.  The information in the first three sections apply to every human on the planet. You don’t have to be a Mama to change the way you eat…. and eat your way to a healthier self.

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