Just because…..

I am gonna brag on someone for a bit.  Why?  Well, because this is my blog, and I can…. and every once in a while I just feel like bragging up on people who are important to me. Sisters in the faith need to build each other up…. so, here I go.

This lady here is one of a kind. She is a dreamer, encourager, and lover of Jesus. She also happens to be my boss.  ( And no, this is not an attempt to butter her up for a raise…lol) Today is her birthday and this is just my version of a card.

Before she was ever my boss I thought she was pretty cool.  She published this magazine that I had stumbled onto… the articles encouraged me.  They recharged my passion to homeschool, especially on those day where you are ready to flag down the public school bus and hand them a few more kids.

She dreams up stuff to bless homeschoolers with, gathers a team of people, gets them excited about her vision and leads the charge as everyone pulls together to make it happen. No one shares the same office.  Most of us have never seen our coworkers, yet we function as a great big family. She keeps her finger on the pulse of 4 + different divisions….  homeschools…. travels with toddlers…. and manages to keep a really good sized family fed and watered. If you look up multi-tasking in the dictionary, I am quite sure her picture is there.

She is a lover of Jesus. This is the quality that I admire in her most. Her family stuff, and work stuff, and life stuff….. have been a wee bit crazy at times…. and no matter what the circumstance…. she displays grace and lifts praise to God for who He is. Her faith is deep.  Her heart full of worship. Her words full of encouragement.

She is real.  Just so you guys don’t start to think that she is a glowing tower of perfection…..  she will be the first to admit…. that snuggles come before dishes and dust bunnies probably breed in the quiet spaces under the couch….  but sometimes that is just the way life is. Love counts for way more than a swept floor, perfectly folded laundry and sparkly plates.

So dear boss-of-mine, my prayer for you today, on your birthday is that you continue to grow in God’s grace, to seek his wisdom for your life…. and that you have many, many more years as the chief snuggler of all your babies and one day grandbabies. I praise God for the woman He has created in you.

Happy Birthday.

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