D is for devotion

de·vo·tion (noun) : a feeling of strong love or loyalty : the quality of being devoted : the use of time, money, energy, etc., for a particular purpose

My dear children,

What are you devoted to? What holds your hearts, your loyalty? What is first on your mind, in your hearts and on your lips?

Maybe in this season of your life your devotion is directed to a someone. A young man or woman who has caught your eye and stolen your heart. Perhaps it is your children, my grandchildren, who are the object of your devotion. Your family is a good place to exercise devotion.

My prayer for you all is that your one true devotion will be to the Lord. That He would capture your heart like no other. I long to hear that each of you are so lost in the Lord that your family needs to seek Him to find you.

I promise you, my children, that a life devoted to the Lord will reap benefits beyond measure. Your marriage will be stronger, your love will be more abundant, and the peace you will have when the world around you seems to be in chaos…….. is worth every moment spent in pursuit of a passionate, devoted life to Him.

~love, mom.


C is for compassion

com.pas.sion   (n.)  - a deep awareness of the suffering of others, coupled with a desire to alleviate it.

My dear children,

I pray that you will cultivate compassion in your hearts.  To have compassion for others you will need to learn to look beyond your own reflection, you own home, your own yard.

Look for the people who sit quietly.  Are they hiding behind sad eyes with a lonely heart? Sometimes your smile is enough to speak to their soul.

As you grow older, you will have friends who will experience profound loss; their parents will pass, and heaven forbid, they may lose a child.  Their ache will be your ache.  Sitting quietly, holding their hand while they make phone calls, fix a meal, fold their laundry, each task is an act of compassion.  It says, “I see you are hurting. I am here.  I will help.”

It is easy to forget in your everyday life, that many of the people you meet are lost.  The biggest act of compassion you could perform is to share with them the hope that resides in you.  Your hope for eternity.  Ask God for a compassionate heart so you can see those who need him most.

~love, mom


B is for ….be…..


My dearest children,

Today I would like to share with you a state of being word that when partnered with the right verb can challenge you to be growing and be motivated to be more, than the person you are today.

…..be faithful.  To your God first, then to your spouse and family & lastly to your job.

….. be compassionate.  Everywhere you look people are hurting.  Never be to busy to listen and show you care.

…..be quick to listen.  You were created with two ears.  Listen first and listen more than you speak.

…..be slow to speak.  Ephesians 4 reminds us to have grace filled speech.  Harsh words can and will fly from your mouth without thought.  Cultivating grace filled speech takes time and effort.  Putting it in practice will change relationships for the better.

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love, mom


A is for ……… Acceptance

My dear children,

My most fervent mom-prayer for you all is that you accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior.  From this starting point, learning to accept will help you to  grow in your relationships with others.

…….accept that the people around you are not perfect. It is likely that the people you meet will leave little scars across your soul, but every scar will carry with it a story and a lesson you have learned. Love them anyway, and be quick to forgive.

…….accept help.  Never be to proud to ask for  or receive help.

……. accept change.  Learning to “roll with the punches” is a talent I hope you will all  strive to cultivate.  We all make plans but plans can, and will, change.  A smiling face and the heart of a servant will help you weather the changes that life will bring your way.

……. accept love.  It will come in many forms, a hand held, a hug given, a tissue offered, a dirty wet kiss, tears shared, a meal made, a slow smile from across the room.  Cherish those moments. They are fleeting.

…….accept forgiveness. When your time comes and you behave less than perfectly toward those you love and they forgive you for your imperfections, accept it and remember to forgive yourself too.

…….accept “the new guy”.  Always look for the new person in the room.  Say hello. Be friendly.  At one time in your life you were “the new guy”; you were worth meeting, and they are too.  You never know, a life long friend might just be had in “the new guy”.

all my love,



A Legacy of Letters

I have seen the trend toward alphabet themed posts and I have decided to throw my hat into the fray….

My personal posts will be geared toward life lessons I want to share with my growing children. Feel free to link up, grab a button and add your wandering thoughts to mine on Tuesdays.

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