Blog Walk : Week 17 March 7-11

It is a good thing you all are so patient with me.  I am so seriously behind in my Blog Walk posts!
Today is Saturday, and it is a relaxing day here in my house, maybe in yours too… so grab your blogging beverage of choice and get ready to meet 10 amazing homeschool families.

1. Homeschool Circus ~ I love the monkeys she has on her page!  The big one’s smile reminds me of my own mischievous monkey’s smile.  There are great Lego creations, co-op art, and reviews here on this blog…  stop by for a while and read all about it.

2. Discover Their Gifts ~ She participates in a great little thing called Sketch Tuesday.  It is hosted at a different blog, but you can find out how to join here…  the pictures of her daughters art are just great!

3. The Joys of Homeschooling ~ Mom of 2 there are lots of great reviews on this blog.  Stop on by and say HI!

4. Nicki Black A Mosaic in the Making ~ this is one busy momma….  Take the time to read her “about me” post.  You will learn a lot about what makes her blog so interesting.

5. Ever After… My Way ~ Please, please, please stop by this great blog written by one of my fellow Mini-Crew members.  Come and join her on her journey from Glass slippers to Fuzzy slippers…

6. Created 2B Creative ~ you better refill your blogging beverage before you stop here.  If you are even a teeny tiny bit creative or crafty, you will be in for a long read.  There are some great pictures and ideas all throughout this blog, along with all her great curriculum reviews

7. Wrightsboro Sonrise Center ~ mom of 3 boys, all on the spectrum….  so if you are looking for how a certain curriculum would work with a child within the Autism spectrum, this blog would be a wonderful resource for you.  I know I will be back to this blog to learn more about this great family

8. Knee Deep in Grace ~ #1 I love love love the wet rocks that are her background….  #2  I want red polka dot rain books that look that cute on me….  Her Wordless Wednesday posts are great!  Definitely worth stopping by.

9. Indoor Garden Musings ~ This stay at home mom with 2 children has a great little blog.  There are some really pictures and stories that her kids have done.  Fun with Play dough and Legos….  there are many things to explore.  I like the way she included what her kids thought of all the products that she has used and tested… Even Dad is in on the information :)

10. Mom of Many Bentzs ~ this blog is written by a homeschooling mom of 8! There are lots of great reviews on her page.  They participate in an American Girl club, and lots of the activties look like so much fun! She is a member of the Download N’ Go review team, so if unit studies are something that you want to know more about, make sure you check out this blog.


Blog Walk Week 15~ Feb 7-11

Slowly I crawl to catch up.
Yesterday was week 14….  today week 15…
and when this weeks list comes out, maybe I’ll get it up before Easter…LOL

Everyone have their blog walking beverage?
Ready. Set.

1. Heritage Homestead and Homeschool Academy
The first thing that greets me from this blog is the happy pink and green circles…  they are so refreshing :)
There is lots here.  Mom of 4, 1 with special needs, there is much wisdom and sharing on this blog.  There is a tenderness to know the mind of Christ in raising all of her children.  Oh, and she has written a novel.  Wow!

2. The McClanahan 7
 I am enjoying getting to know this homeschool mom.  We will be working together on some TOS projects for you all, so stay tuned to hear more about that…  She makes cakes…. and WOW!  the recipe for chicken chili made me drool.

3. The Happy Homeschool Mom
Mom of 6 with #7 on the way any time now….  ( I think I am tired just thinking about that many kids!)  Mom’s of big families like this just amaze me.  Lots to read and explore with this great family.  Information from about Middle School on down. 

4. Books \’n Other Stuff
Widowed Stay at home Mom, of 3 boys.  Reading the story of her Husband brought tears to my eyes.  She shares her passion for books, especially children’s literature with us on her blog.  Her life is about perseverance, and the all sufficiency of Christ.

5. The Midlife Housewife
Ok.. the title alone makes me smile.  The first post I read about chickens and the egg falling to the floor, really made me smile…. because I have lived it.  This blog feels cozy, and homey.  The kind of place that you could kick off your shoes, tuck your feet up under you on the couch, and swap stories for awhile.

6. Because of Our Children
Mom of 4 who describes her house as loud, disorganized and always interesting.  Amen!  Mine too! Lots of great reviews and photos to go along with them. 

7. This Day Has Great Potential
Mom of 4, she shares her homeschool adventure with us all.   Great reviews, and everyday life thrown in too.

8. Ladybug Chronicles
Time for a refill…  I’ll wait.  Go fill up your cup.
Now, you are ready to explore this blog.  Curriculum reviews, book reviews, field trips… all here.  Not to mention she has separate photo and card making blogs… wow.  one busy momma!  See, I told you, you needed a refill.

9. Freelance Homeschool Mom
Mom of 2, if you don’t count the furry four footed children.  She is a Walmart-Mom…  I will have to see what that is all about.  I could get into the blogging about Walmart thing.  Check out the Valentine Basket. It is a cute idea!

10. Ben & Me
One of those blogs with an absolutely adorable layout that makes me wish I somehow knew how to do all that /*html*^$* stuff.  Did you know there was such a thing as a Mixing Bowl Academy for kids to learn how to cook?  Me either.  Go check it out on her blog.

Happy reading…  Don’t forget to leave some comments, and let them all know how wonderful they are!


Blog Walk Week 14 ~ Jan 31- Feb 4

Late much?
Only two weeks behind….. yeesh.

Well better late than not at all I suppose… 
Get your coffee, and get ready to meet some amazing folks that work with the TOS Homeschool Review Crew!

1. Homeschooling In Nova Scotia, Canada
Lots of great reviews are up on this blog.  As the title suggests they live way up north in a far colder land than mine. They have a 50 Acre wood ( slightly smaller than Winnie the Pooh, but really who cares..)  She is a Work at Home Mom, that homeschools.  A fellow FLYer, and Workbox user.  Lots of great information here

2. Clever Title TBA
I know how that goes… you want to write a blog and you get stumped by the title!  I love this mom’s solution to that!  A mom of 4 from Middle School down to new fresh and snugly, she shares with us reviews, and sweet childhood moments with her Tiny Talk Tuesday participation.

3. Until the Day Dawn Weblog
Very well written posts, by a mom of three.  This blog truly captures her passions.  There are great reviews and you will learn much about her faith, family, and homeschool when you visit.

Stay at Home Mom of 4, her days are full of fun.  Her youngest child is just precious.  With a face like that, you know you are in from some adventures with that child! Great reviews and information for those with children in the younger Elementary years.

5. Smooth Stones Christian
Wow.  This family is a must read. All their children are adopted, so far they have 6.  They are now on a journey to adopt 2 more daughters.  Through it all they homeschool, and share lots of love, and the light of Christ.

6. Clothesline Musings
This is a blog I have been following for awhile.  Stay at home mom of 3, she does a great job on reviews and always seems to have a pile of laundry like I do. :)   They have a pioneer night, that is lots of fun to read about.

7. Four Little Penguins
This family of 6 has you guessed it, four little penguins.  The header pictures are candid and full of personality.  I am sure that quiet moments in that house are few and far between.  I can relate to that! Great information for the early Elementary years, she is homeschooling Pre-K through 3rd grade right now.  Go refill your beverage, and get lost over here for a bit.

8. Laurie’s School Days
Mom of two adorable girls, shares her reviews and other quiet moments.  She has this fish feeder thing on her sidebar, that is absolutely mesmerizing….

9. Sunshine to Flowers
6 great kids, all of whom are exceptional artists.Lots of Photos.  Information from Middle School on down.  I loved the snack her daughter made for her.  It absolutely made me smile!

10. One Big, Healthy Family
This one I am positive I am going to be following.  Goat kids in the house, chickens running around…. I have lived these types of days….  minus the chickens… but Goats for sure…. I am interested to go back and see how she uses Herbs and such…  My daughter will like it too… Herbs are her passion

Enjoy meeting these great people.  Don’t forget to leave them a comment or two.  It is nice to hear from the lurkers :)


Blog Walk Week 12 ~ Jan 17- 21, 2011

Blog Walks are fun.
I get to stop by and meet all sorts of new folks without even leaving the kitchen.
where I am warm…
and have an endless supply of coffee……..

Here are the TOS Homeschool Crew Members that are on this week’s blog list.  Take the time to stop by, read…. and follow some of them

1. Learning Legacy
a look into the life of homeschooling 4 kids grades 5-12
2. The Blessings Pour Out
Fun, Farm, Family….  seriously check this blog out.  You have to see the Free E-books from Kaplan.  iT’s only an offer good till January 17th… so get over there and check it out!
3. Taylor’s Mark Orthodox Academylots of great product reviews here!
4. A Day in the Life
Ha!  The title made me smile.  I have a second blog with the same name!  Homeschooling mom of 5 Great blog, there is a new addition to the family…. and he’s CUTE!
5. Pecan Prairie
Homeschooling Mom of 2…..  great Reviews.
6. Musing Gracegreat little blog… homeschooling mom of 6… ( ack… i think i just choked on my coffee)   lots of pearls of wisdom here!
7. Milk and Honey Mommy
Recipies, photography, homeschooling….  lots of things to get lost in over here.  And her kids are way cute!
8. Adventures in Unsell Land!Homeschooling mom of 6….  the women who do these 6+ kid families, well I am in awe of them.  Lots of great reviews here of books and such.  She homeschools through the pain of Fibromaylgia…  lots to learn here!
9. Modest Mama
mom of 4 little bundles of preciousness.  We share an addiction with Pelleorino Water….  I can tell we are going to be great friends.
10. Orange Marmalade MamaHomeschooling mom of 5….  lots of keepin it real posts.  One of her weekly wrap up posts for November, almost made me blow coffee out of my nose.  It is good to know, other people have those days too!


Blog Walk Week 11

The blog walk had taken a break…  That is why you haven’t seen any new lists of blogs to check out in a while. 
This list is some of the First Mates from our TOS Homeschool Crew.  What is a First Mate?  I am so glad you asked.  They are uber amazing homeschool parents who are on either their second or third year as a TOS Homeschool Crew members.  They each have a few new crew members that they mentor and help during their first year.

Take some time and visit these great blogs by some interesting and experienced people!

1. 1 of 100 plus 25 TOS Crew Reviews ~ Homeschooling Mom of 4 has homeschooled for 17 years, and on the Crew for 3… there is some amazing stuff on this blog.
2. Homeschooling Hearts and Minds ~ Homeschooling Mom of 4, loads of free homeschool sources.
3. Homeschooling Drewper~ Homeschool Mom of one, and she is so fun!  I love her energy!
4. Burkherts Brigade ~ Homeschool Mom of many.  There isn’t an about me part of her blog so it is hard to tell.  She does however live in my favorite state.
5. Families Again ~ Homeschool Dad of at least 3 by the pictures on the header.  He’s a hoot!
6. Homeschool and Family ~ Homeschooling mom of 7 (ACK!) with 6 that are still in school.  You got to have tips when you are teaching 6…  I will be back to learn her secrets!
7. The Sunny Patch~ Homeschooling mom of 1… up in the frozen north! I like her teachers desk posts :)
8. Life on the Hilltop ~ Homeschooling mom of 4 ( are you seeing a pattern here? )  I will be back to read this one, she had me in tears with her family photo picture post. That happens in our house too!
9. Our Busy Homeschool ~ Homeschooling mom of 6.  just go read the post about homeschooling with #6, you’ll be hooked.
10. Homeschooling Blessings ~ Homeschooling mom, of a child with special needs.  Lots of good stuff to read here!

There is years of wisdom in the above links…  Take some time to check them out!


Blog Walk week 9

I am a bit behind….  but this goes till Sept 3….

Here are a few more blogs to check out… more homeschoolers just like you!

1. Creative Learners
2. The Homeschool Desk
3. Ramblin’ Roads
4. The Stewards Steno ~these guys have chickens.  anyone with chickens is my friend.
5. Mama Manuscripts or try this one….Mama Manuscripts  it looks like she moved
6. Train Up a Child
7. We Love to Homeschool
8. Day by Day in Our World
9. Acorns – or Homeschooling Nuggets of Gold
10. The Berry Patch ~ I follow this one….  her humor makes me happy.

Hope you enjoy the read!


Blog Walk ~ week 8

Wow…  I am all caught up now on my blog walk posts…  Here is the current week’s walk….  I am excited my first mate is on this week’s list. ( personally… I am looking forward to reading #1, by the title… this lady has been in my kitchen…lol)

1. Ramblings from the Crazy House

2. Chicagoland Homeschool Network
3. Marine Corps Nomads
4. Faith, Family and Fun
5. Books and Bairns
6. Chatter, Clatter and Things That Matter
7. Canadianladybug Reviews!
8. Life at oak Grove
9. Home Sweet Home(school)
10. a glimpse of our life