Christmas in January?

Well, I am sure you all will be so pleased to know, I have at least kept up…. with my chores.

My Christmas tree is still up…. and we shan’t discuss it. 

But the top of my dresser is clean, my floor is still picked up, and I decluttered my side of closet, and gave away 5 grocery bags of clothes. 

but, my Christmas tree is still up.


I think tonight I will see who I can talk into bringing up the ornament boxes, and getting the tree put away and out.  If my friend comes over and teases me one more time about the tree, I might just die

I know I will see her tomorrow….

guess I better get it done.


Thursday Chores

Yesterday was supposed to be the Bed.  I was supposed to strip the sheets, and make it up all fresh and nice.
I didn’t do it.

I didn’t even try.

I looked at the bed….. and no matter how much I like to climb in bed to those crisp freshly laundered sheets and the heavenly smell they have…. 

I still didn’t do it.

All I saw when I looked at the bed…. was laundry.

I already had a laundry room full of it.

I didn’t WANT to do my sheets too…….  ( can you hear the whine?  Pathetic, isn’t it?)

So I didn’t.  I left the old ones on…. and sprayed them with Fabreeze.

At least they smelled nice.

I would like to point out, however, that two of my children, DID do this chore in their rooms.  Unprompted, unnagged…. they just did it…

Perhaps that is why the laundry pile was so large yesterday….
….. sigh…..


Dresser Day

You know I am only doing this in the name of science….

Or maybe the name of camaraderie….because I know there are other people who live this same cluttered existence….and want out, and have no idea how to do it.

Certainly not in the name of good sense.  No one in their right mind would admit that this is what their dresser looks like… let alone post pictures of it on the Internet….. 

But. ( and I have a big one )

I need accountability.  Without it…. this is the dirty little mess I turn into…

I become a little baby hoarder.  Just one great life tragedy away from living in one big pile….  separated by lots of tiny little walkways.
I spent most of my day, ignoring the fact that I needed to clean my dresser today.  I walked in the room three different times to start, and promptly left in the name of procrastination.

Finally, when school was done for the day… and I could no longer justify the procrastination…  I got the camera, and forced myself it take a picture of this horrid-ness.  The click of the shutter signified the commitment to get it done…. I certainly wasn’t going to post something with out an after picture!

Really, I think it looks worse in digital than in real life.  uggh.?

After 15 minutes….  I was able to see the top of the dresser, and close the drawer.?  Well, maybe 20 minutes after I walked a few things back to their rightful homes.

I found lots of interesting things in there… 2 baby teeth, from which child?  I don’t know.  Those remotes were buried in the drawer. There was my daughters reading glasses, post it notes, envelopes, two journals ( musta lost one in the mess…lol ) and we will not discuss the dehydrated carrot…. the best surprise was the $155 cash that has probably been hiding in the drawer since last Christmas.  Merry Christmas to me!!


(almost) Wordless Wednesday: The Aftermath of a Tornado

Just so you all don’t feel discouraged by what seems to be an insurmountable mess…..  I will share mine….
And together we will watch what 15 minutes a day can do for a room.

I told you….  it looks like a tornado, a category F5, has ripped through these rooms.
Tuesday’s Zone was the floor, and only for 15 minutes.  It is the multiple of 15 minutes over time that will make a difference.

 This is the shared room of the 8 and 3 year old. 

 Not a bad “after”

 The pile of dirty clothes ( that is strewn with clean clothes improperly put away) does that happen to anyone else but me?

 “After” just a few minutes of filling laundry baskets and straightening the shrinking pile.

 I told you I would post a picture of my room….  I wasn’t kidding, it is horrid.

“after”  just 15 minutes….. 

…. one small step at a time…….

I’m linking up to Wordless Wednesday @ Our Homeschool Reviews


How goes the chores?

Well we are in week two of the new chore schedules and routines.  Last night we held an impromptu family meeting over dinner to discuss how we felt things were going. 

I gave the group a 50% improvement rating…  My oldest son, asked for it to be 60%, and my daughter thought we rated a 40%…..  somewhere in there is probably the true answer as to the improvement on getting our tasks done every day.

We discussed the fact that the kitchen table has been taken hostage by school computers, books and papers, and we resolved to make an extra effort to reclaim the territory for dinner time.

Everyone also mentioned that bedrooms were very out of control….  they all sort of look like a tornado has ripped through them and we are waiting for the FEMA management team to show up and do the work.   I told them that we are going back to Zones in the rooms…….  even me.  ( my room is the tornado headquarters!)   The mention of Zones precipitated large sighs, and great amounts of Eye Rolling…. but they know we need a simple way to get back on top of our house.

Zones?  What are Zones?  They are the way we break up a bedroom ( or house ) to keep it clean.  It is a method of cleaning that is presented by the FLYlady .  I have crash landed more than I have flown, but I don’t beat myself up for it, I just get back too it when I know I need too.
Our bedroom Zones are done for only 15 minutes a day. 
Each person is required to straighten ( make) their bed everyday, and bring out their dirty laundry before school.
Zone 1 ~ Closet.  Zone 2~ Floor.  Zone 3~ Dresser.  Zone 4~ Bed ( strip sheets and replace). Zone 5~ Personal Choice day.
Once a week they need to vacuum and dust their room.

It only works if you can envision the result and not get discouraged by the work in progress.  Maybe I will take a picture of the boys’ room, or even mine ( aack!…  talk about accountability!)  and show you how it works over time…

So that is how it’s going….  we are just plugging along…  How are the chores going at your house?


Organization…. how you elude me!

Ever look around your house and see piles?

Piles that are sub-classified?  Piles that should be charged rent?  Piles that require their own zip code?

Piles, that by looking at them, you know what is IN them?

yeah… me too….

Looking around my house I have an unsettled, antsy feeling…  as if there is much work to do, and none of it is getting done.  A large part of that, is me.  I let some of the disciplines that we use as a family, to keep focused, fall by the way side.  It has resulted in me expecting the kids to continue with their chores without being told, and the kids not doing anything because no one told them…..  lack of communication much?

So, being determined to get back on top of things….. I walked over to the pile by my desk and pulled out my chore binder.  It has all the basic areas of the house listed, and what is required to keep it clean.  We divide up the areas between us all, and that is your job for 2 weeks.

I put the areas on 3×5 cards…. and made some up for the extra work we can do on Fridays to be ready for the weekend.

Everyone gets a calendar for the chores that aren’t on the cards.  Like dishes, and feeding the varmints, practicing the musical instrument you are paying to take lessons of…. these such things  :)

They refer back to the binder, which is rather detailed, to see how they need to clean their spot.

Here is the envelopes that will keep track of the chores, so if there is an area that is falling behind, we ( mommy and daddy) can look and see who needs extra encouragement.

I will keep you posted on how it works, or how badly it is rebelled against….

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