Day Twelve ~ Mexico

IT IS OUR FIRST DAY OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  we will be going to play tourist
We will be at the Xochimilco Canal.  That long word with the X means ‘garden of flowers’ in Aztecs.

It looks like it ought to be a fun time.  I am sure there will be lots of pictures to share from this place.  Please pray for our safety as we travel to this tourist location.  Pray for our testimony as a large group of American Christians, that people would see Christ through our actions.  Pray we will be rested and rejuvenated from this day playing “hookey” from the work we came to do.

Day Ten ~ Mexico

Today we will again be doing medical and building projects.  Today is likely to be busier, as the news that there is a free doctor, will have spread rapidly.  Pray for the preaching service after the medical care.  May these people seek to have their souls healed by the Great Physician, not just the human one.


Day Nine ~ Mexico

First real day taking blood pressures, blood sugars, and helping the Doctor.  We may need to think on the fly and entertain kids while their parents are seeing the Doctor, we don’t really know what this will entail yet.  We will also be begining to work on a building project at the church we will be sleeping at.  Please pray for both teams… we will be busy!


Day Eight ~ Mexico

Today, will begin to prepare to meet some more serious medical needs.  The doctor arrives today.  Please pray for his safe travel as well.  Pray for us as we begin this new portion of our Ministry.  We will be doing inventory on our medicines and setting up a pharmacy of sorts, to despense what the Doctor chooses to give them.


Day Four ~ Mexico

We will be at a new church today, but still doing our Carnival, and telling stories about Jesus.  There is something about a Tent on the schedule…… not sure what that means…. but I will let you know when I can.  Pray for strength as we minister in the community of Colonia Olivos.

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