No offense, but I never really cared for cheerleaders in high school….so when I use that word, they are not who I am talking about…

I am talking about encouragers. A person that comes alongside you and is on your team.

This week I have found an unlikely pair of cheerleaders. Their names are Hunter and Jeremiah.  They pop in while I am working out and instead of grabbing the popcorn or snickering at some awkward pose I am about to kill myself doing; they join in.  They try.

They ask when we are going to work out.  While we drive around they discuss which workout is their favorite, and which on that they think is particularly hard.

Tuesday, when Jeremiah and I finished KenpoX, he decided we needed to give each other high fives.

Now that’s a cheerleader.


Keep on Keeping on

This week I found out I was stronger than I was a year ago. 

A year ago on my P90X adventure it took me 25 days to work my way up to a read live sit up.( I didn’t say a normal one because there is no such thing as normal about a sit up on the Ab Ripper DVD.  The name alone (ripper) should tell you that…….)

25 days of sweat and near tears. 25 days of waking up feeling like my belly was on fire.  25 days of trying.

This week, nearly a year later, on my first try……. I did nearly 150 sit ups. 

I did it. 

Just don’t make me laugh, or cough…. it still hurts to do those things.


The measuring……. and the beginning…..

I used to think that the only thing that the only evil thing lurking in my home was my bathroom scale.  Alas, I was wrong.  There is something more evil, more humbling, more revealing…….the measuring tape.

This one has harmlessly sat in a drawer for years; today it emerged to mock me.

In my last P90X adventure I relied on the evil bathroom scale.  It never moved.  I worked my rear and abs off for 35 days and it only moved down by 5 lbs, and that was for only ONE, yes ONE!, day.  I hate that scale.

This time around I have determined to ignore the scale….  to stick with reality, so I broke out my measuring tape.  The P90X booklet has a handy-dandy spot on page 16 where it tells you what part of your 2000 parts to measure and right were to wrap the tape. 

So, in an effort to keep it real; humiliatingly real, here are my numbers.

Weight:  250 lbs.  ( e-gads that is a tough number to type, I am 25lb heaver than when I began last Feb and made it 35 days)

Chest: 47” (around the girls)

Waist:  45”  (can anyone say Santa belly?)

Hips: 50” (where is the wide load sign?)

Right Thigh: 25”  ( This is probably supposed to be someone’s waist number”)

Left Thigh: 26” ( Not sure why this side is bigger…)

Right and Left Arm: 15”  ( measured flexed, at the peak of my biceps….. so yes this measurement of the “guns” includes the bingo arm flap too)

There they are, in black and white….. the beginning numbers for this installment of torture P90X.

With any luck I will look like the girl on the left sometime before my birthday in October.  Ok, maybe not…. but I would certainly like to see that 50 inch waist reduced by a considerable amount.

Today’s workout DVD : Yoga X

1. It was just as terrifying as I recalled it being.

2. My body remembered a few things, but there is much improvement to be made.

3. The boys did a few of the poses with me….Jeremiah, kicked my tail on the abs portion.

4. Tomorrow morning is going to hurt.


Get out of bed and workout tomorrow despite the protests of every muscle in my body

*****on a random side note…… I bought some yoga pants to work out in……..  where have these wonderful things been all my life?  They are amazing! So comfy! When I am a millionaire, I will buy you all a pair!


Looking ahead……

A new year is just around the corner.  On Tuesday I will wake up and it will be the year 2013.  The 42nd year of my life, my 19th year as a mother, my 17th as a wife.

Maybe it is the uncertainty that is looming around our housing situation, maybe it is just a side effect of getting older, but I find myself being rather pragmatic about the coming year. Especially with concern to my goals.  I don’t want them to be whimsical or unattainable.  I want them to be achievable and celebrate-able.

So I will start with one thing; becoming healthier. The skinny girl that lives in my head can no longer ignore the fat girl that is pressing on the seams of my jeans. It is time for the skinny girl to work her tail off and reclaim her rightful spot on the outside.  In February last year she visited for 30 days, and it is time for her to come to stay.

I invite you to join me, for the entire sweaty, embarrassing, real life journey to reach my goal of becoming the healthier version of that me I remember.


Day 31

2 party hat clip art

That’s right……..  I have made it over 30 days in this program.  Pardon me while I enjoy a well deserved bow. I am down a pant size, and my clothes just lay a bit nicer, if you know what I mean. 

These workouts are not for the faint of heart.  My children, who are more physically fit than I am, will not…. make that can not do them with me.  Tayler tried to do some Yoga with me on Saturday; she gave up and called it evil after the first 5 moves.  Evan, he just walked in with a mouth full of chocolate birthday cake, kept chewing and said, “that looks uncomfortable.”  ……It is a very good thing that I couldn’t really breathe or speak just then, trust me, my thoughts were not nice.

These workouts have reminded me that I do indeed have muscles underneath all this padding, and if they are given the right encouragement they will awaken and be of use again.

Today’s DVD:  Chest, Shoulders, Triceps and Ab RipperX

  1. I pretty much thought we were done with weird push-ups.  I was wrong. very wrong.
  2. I saw my first real person (not one that was carved out of cream cheese) on today’s DVD.  She was on FIT looking 50 something lady!
  3. I did most of my push-ups today on my toes….  this is a huge improvement.  Up till now, I have been a knee cheater.
  4. This DVD will seriously rid anyone of those bye-bye arms/ bingo wings…  (julie, I love, love, LOVE that new term!)
  5. Slow pushups are near murderous.  One handed ones?  Those are for the criminally insane.  I cheated and did those on my knees.
  6. Lots of weight exercises today.  I am sort of walking around now all puffed up feeling…  just don’t ask me to lift anything heaver than a sauce pan…. 

In much more exciting news, the carbs are back in town.  Glorious, delightful, delicious carbohydrates are back in my diet.  I will again be able to enjoy pasta, bagels, tortillas, popcorn, hummus, muffins…..  Yes, I am even excited about the ability to eat oatmeal for breakfast, so excited I ate it for breakfast today.  Lunch was a delightful shrimp pasta, and Dinner will be a lean hamburger patty, salad, baked potato…. dessert of fresh berries.

I will close with a few pictures…  just to keep it real and let you know that hard work does pay off. 



Day 26

So I am sitting here in the parking lot of my child’s physical therapy appt… multitasking to the inth degree.

My sides are sore today. That good kind of sore; the I did lots of yard-work sort of sore.

The workouts this week have been interesting. I started with YogaX this week and moved on into Core Synergistics. I was right about that one,  It was yoga on crack.  Prison cell push-ups are as bad as I thought they would be, but sphinx push ups are worse…. and I promise you, banana rolls are evil.

My other new DVD this week is Stretch X,…. it might just be my new favorite. Calm, soothing…. no sweating… just relief for those achy muscles, with slow stretching…

Week 4 has been hard, but I can really feel the strength changes in my abdomen and back. Changes for the better………….


The day the scale moved…… Day 21

So Sunday morning I walked down the hall and past the hall bathroom…. it is at this point, almost daily, that this little nagging internal voice reminds me not to step on the scale and get discouraged……  to which, I argue with the voice and say “If I don’t step on it… how will I know when it changes?”

Usually this argument continues all the way to the kitchen where the nagging voice wins by throwing down the, “but your clothes fit better” card, and I decide, while pouring my morning cup of coffee, to avoid the scale for yet another day……

I realize that I may have just disclosed to you a bit of mental illness, this talking to myself, but that wasn’t really the point……

On Sunday, I told the voice flat out to just shut up…..  and I squeezed my eyes closed real tight, and took a deep nervous breath, and stepped right up on that evil white contraption.  I slowly opened my right eye, keeping the left one firmly shut, just in case.

As I peered down to my toes, which I can now see on a regular basis without needing spandex….  I saw a glorious sight…..

The number has gone down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I squealed.  Kinda loud….

I started this adventure at 225lbs…..  I have gone as high as 230 in the first two weeks and on Sunday…. it read 220.  So I am not sure if I have lost 10 lbs or just 5….  either way I don’t really care.  I was just jazzed to see a lower number on that thing.

Real glad.



Day 22

Well, here I am….  still standing upright and ready to take on week 4 of P90X.  Four weeks ago, I am not sure I could have told you I would have made it this far.  There were moments of soreness that I didn’t think I would work through, The last three weeks have been hard, harder than almost anything I have ever done before. Now I am beginning to be curious….  curious about where this will go,  what changes will continue to happen….  The curiosity keeps me going…  Hopefully it won’t do to me what it did to the cat.

This week is my “recovery” week.  I put the word recovery in quotations, because there really isn’t anything recovering about it.  Recovering means that you are lying on a beach chair with your toes lazily drifting through the sand……….  the P90X version of recovery means that you don’t lift weights…. just the whole weight of all your fatness, into positions that only snakes were meant to hold.

Today was Yoga.  You already know my feelings about that DVD and despite it’s being a lot harder than it sounds…..  it is one of the sweatiest workouts.  It is hard work holding all 200 pounds of yourself on one leg or arm.  It was hard to do Yoga today, I seemed to have a bit less stamina on some of the exercises than I have had in the past three weeks, probably because my legs were still recovering from doing legs and back at the end of the week.  Maybe by the time I do Yoga again this week, my stamina will be back.

Tomorrow I do a workout called Core Synergistics.  By the looks of the exercises…it is going to be something like Yoga on crack.  They really need to work up some more positive sounding names for these things…. One exercise is called Prison Cell push-ups……..  not looking forward to those.

I think that tomorrow might hurt.


Day 18

I know…. I KNOW!  I haven’t blogged in 9 days!  I am not a nice person to keep you all perched on the edge of your seats waiting to hear the perils of my sweaty adventure.

Between work, homeschooling, and church activities, the rest of my life as been a simmering pot of activity, and finding the time to work out each day has been a real exercise in commitment.  I am happy to report I am still sweating large, 6 days a week.

I am halfway through my 3rd full week.  The scale still reports no change, my pants and shirts however tell a different tale.  I am choosing to listen to what my clothes have to say, it is ever so much more encouraging than my scale is.

I thought I would start off today’s recap with a picture testimonial.

The waking report:  You know, sometime this week it all stopped aching every morning.  Some days there is a twinge in one muscle that worked a bit harder than another….  but there hasn’t been the overall feeling of wishing death over getting out of bed in a long time…..

The eating report:  I am getting better at cooking 24/7.  Falling into a bit of a routine, chopping my veggies for dinner while I am making lunch helps me save time.  I am not eating as many calories as I am supposed to, I just can’t.  The portions are too large.  So I just went down to the second level’s portions, and that seems to be working out  much better.

Today’s Workout DVD:  Yoga X

  1. Yoga is still not for wimps. Jody stopped into the living room today to watch me (and the DVD) for a few moments while I contorted into this pretzel position all twisted to one side with a hand in the air, all while standing on one foot for 60 seconds….  he just left shaking his head in amazement….  I fell over as soon as he left.
  2. I am not sure how it is that you can sweat so much when you are only operating in a little rectangle of space.
  3. The longer you do this, the less belly fat you have to get in the way of these twisty poses.
  4. The longer you do this, the better you get at actually not falling over.  Today it was just once.
  5. The day I can stand on one foot and hold my toe with my other leg extended straight out…. might be a day of rejoicing.
  6. I actually held plank position every time today….  it was only about 6 million times.
  7. I did an anamaste (sp?) thing.  It is a thing where you sort of dolphin, without touching any body parts to the floor, and glide from a push-up position to a sort of a seal position, supported by your hands and the tops of your feet. 
  8. I love the stretching that is on this DVD.  Stretching is my friend.

Goal: To just keep on, keepin’ on.


Day 9



The waking report:  not too bad today.  No major aches and pains.  I was up early (since starting this regime I have been pretty exhausted so I have slept till 9) at 6:45, which meant I was able to work out earlier, and get more done…  this is all a good thing.

The eating report:  Last night I ate my first nasty food.  I decided to have breakfast for dinner since I was eating a bit late, and I subjected myself to these soy sausage patties. There is a reason that soy and sausage should not be in the same sentence.  Next time I think I will just eat a homemade sausage patty.  That way the meat is 1. identifiable and 2. I know where it was grown. 

In other food news, I really miss sweets.  My fat tooth   I mean, sweet tooth, is hankering for chocolaty, gooey deliciousness.  Last night some strawberries with dinner staved off a grazing run through the cupboards….. this coupled with 1 yes 1 and only 1 piece of chocolate that is worth savoring for a few minutes, has helped me stay on track.

Workout DVD:  Plyometrics….  aka…. the DVD from HELL.

  1. The second week in, this is still the mother of all work outs.  The evil, wicked stepmother of workouts.
  2. I sweat more today doing this one than I think I did all of last week.
  3. I almost cussed. twice.
  4. While I do enjoy the squats, jumps, and jumping jacks….. they are hard to do with out this overriding thought screaming through my mind for the entire workout,…….  Don’t! Pee! Down! Your! Leg!!!!!
  5. scales are evil and should not be trusted.
  6. I am secretly afraid I will still be fat, just muscly fat for the wedding.  The slim quick commercial about loosing 25 lbs. was taunting me during late night TV.
  7. I would like to know who took my ability to jump and hid it.  I would like to have it back please.

Goal:  Be able to jump and bring my knees into the air… like all of my children seem to be able to do with great ease.

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