Quiet Time

Have you ever had to give yourself a TIME OUT?

Right now, as I type, I can feel my blood pressure rising.  I have a deadline, and I have already missed it.  Kids are running around an being kids behind me…..  Nothing great or chaotic, just normal boy kid noise.

I am not feeling particularly patient with it this evening.  I need quiet.  Solitude even.

Every-so-often, I get thoughtful, almost morose. I feel like I have no joy, nothing left to give.  Empty.

I know I can’t be the only parent that feels this way from time to time.  Maybe it is the endlessly mundane chores that go along with  motherhood, maybe it’s the lack of recognition….. I mean, that’s what the world around me says.

Still, when I am like this, I know I need to turn to God.  I am empty because I haven’t been focusing on Him, I have drifted away.  I feel like I have nothing left to give because I haven’t spent still, quiet, intimate time with my King.

I encourage you friend, when you feel overwhelmed by the mundane, under-appreciated, all around sort of blah….. to spend time curled up with Jesus.  Read the Good Book, which is so much more than a good book, it is nourishment for a weary soul.

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grown up time

Sometimes, it just must be done.  We must leave our children home, with capable care… and be ALONE.

We need to remember what it is like to eat and cut our own food, without cutting up food for 3 other people first.  We need to practice being able to eat a full meal without getting up to get a spoon, some water, or seconds for someone before we have eaten three bites.  We need to talk to each other with out hearing the interruptions of “mamma?”  and “daaaad?” as soon as we have gotten 3 sentences out. We need to hold hands, kiss on a moonlit night as we walk across the parking lot to the movies, and we need to take time to be silly with each other.  Remember how much fun it was to date?

I know times are tight but we can find creative ways to spend time with each other without breaking the budget.  Here are some ideas: For babysitting, swap time with another family….  they probably need time away just as much as you do.  Swap kids once a month and give each other the night off.  Go stargazing. Drop the kids at a friends house and come home to watch a movie and make popcorn.  Take a sunset walk.  Go to a park and swing on the swings….  Be creative!

Sometimes the best thing to do to help you be a great parent, is to invest in some time with your spouse, setting aside your mom and dad hats, and just enjoy some grown up time.


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Lessons of a Cold Shower

Today I blew it.                           

I lost my temper.

I went to take a shower and there was no hot water.  Both my teens had been up and getting ready to be at church, a little early this morning…………. one of them is known to dawdle in the shower……. and by the time it was my turn in the shower………… it was cold.

I was NOT happy about it.

I should have let love cover it and not said a word.  Instead, I came out of the room shivering in my robe and proceeded to smarmily thank them both for leaving me such an abundance of warm water.

This snarky-ness did nothing to endear me to my children. They were just trying to get ready.  They both had a performance this morning and wanted to look extra clean, I guess.  I was replied to with equal snarky-ness from one of them….. to which I tossed out the obligatory “You better watch your mouth!”

I felt I was in the right.  I DO pay the water bill, this in my opinion entitles the adults who put the roof over their heads, warmth when showering…. Right?

Never mind the right-ness for the moment, my behavior stunk. It was evident that my heart was pretty grumpy and full of cutting words.

What do you do when you “blow it”?  When the realization hits, do you just slink into oblivion hoping that the kids wont remember the way that you behaved? (I guiltily raise my hand to having done that!)  Or do you go and ask their forgiveness?

I can hear some parents now, FORGIVENESS???????????  you want me to go and ask my kid for FORGIVENESS????????  yup.  I encourage you to.  You should be willing to say “I was wrong” to your children.  Simply and humbly coming to your child and stating how you were wrong and asking for their forgiveness, will go a long way in disciple-ing your child’s heart.  You will show a transparency that lets them know, you know, you are not perfect, but by Gods Grace and forgiveness you can start fresh, each time you mess up.

They will begin to see your Faith, as a relationship with the Lord, not just a bunch of rules you read about and perhaps hear about on Sunday morning, but never let penetrate your life and transform your behavior.  Kids can smell a hypocrite from 1000 yards.  Don’t be one.  Be Transparent and Humble.

Now if you will excuse me, I need to go and ask for some forgiveness.


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The things I learn from my kids….


There are days that they make me laugh.  Some days I am in tears….  and other days I feel like I am plum losing my mind.

Having kids is such a roller coaster ride.  There are ups and downs even the occasional up-side-down moments with each and every one of them.  Though they come from the same genetic pool, each one of them is unique.  So I offer up a question to you, with all this unique-ness in your family, do you learn from your children?  I don’t mean learning in a way where you are being instructed by the child and the parent/child role is reversed.  I mean, because of your differences or similarities,  do you learn and grow as a parent from the way you interact with your children?

The age range of my children is wide.  I have Teenagers that are stretching their wings and testing the waters of independence, and a Toddler that is still wanting to have help zipping up his shorts.

I learn all the time from my Teens.  Sometimes I learn that I am a control freak and I need to step back and let them try things, fail at things, and succeed at things; on their own. Their dreams, hurts, and successes during these years are an essential part of who they will be as adults.  When I am especially control freakish, um… I mean, worried, God reminds me in my quiet time that I too was once this age, and while I spurned correction and guidance during those years, my children do not.  He leads me to parent with grace and not an iron fist.

My 8 year old, teaches me about imagination and curiosity.  This child has an imagination big enough for the entire neighborhood.  He is funny and frustrating all in the same breath.  He is always inventing something or pulling something apart to figure it out.  He is the reason there are pieces of VCR’s in the garage and skeletons of rollerblades in buckets…. Oy vey! With this child I have also learned that consistency is the key.  Short, direct instructions, and short consistent schooling moments.  If I am not consistent, he can be like trying to tame a tornado.

The little guy, he is 4, he teaches me joy, wonderment, togetherness.  As I type, he is behind me having an imaginary battle with lion and puppy beanie babies and a Clone War light saber from his Happy Meal.  He just wants to be around me, but thankfully not ON me at the moment.  He is lying on the cool kitchen floor content to just share some space with someone. I get so stuck in the schedules and to-do lists that I forget about just BEING somewhere with someone, and enjoying wordless company with them.

What have you learned from your children today?

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