Exploring God’s Creation


When you are out and about running errands are you ever caught by surprise at the wonder and beauty around you?  Have you ever sat a stop light in town and just glanced up to see the most amazing colors in the sky; greater than any artist could imagine?

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When was the last time to stopped to admire the dew on a spiders web or the intricate weaving of a birds nest?

Creation Illustrated is a family run magazine that desires to share with you the beauty and wonder of the world we live in.  Each article is full of wonderful color photographs that let you see nature up close.  The articles are well written and come from a variety of contributors.  Each article has scripture to share with us what God says about the planet he created. It isn’t just a magazine for your children.  It is a magazine the whole family can enjoy and discuss.

The photographer in me loved this magazine.  The photos made me want to grab my camera and start shooting.


I really enjoyed the Genesis Cuisine section.  The recipes are easy to follow and great to make as a family.  My kids and I enjoyed the Mint to be Green Smoothie from the Spring Edition, oh!, and the Grilled Grapefruit and Green Dressing was delicious!


If your family would like to try this magazine.  I would love to offer you a free introductory copy. Subscriptions are available for this quarterly publication for $19.95 a year, $37.95 for 2 years, $ 53.95 for 3 years.  If you live outside the US please visit their website:  www.CreationIllustrated.com for the rates that would apply to your location.




as a Schoolhouse Review Crew Member, I was sent a full year worth of Creation Illustrated for the purpose of this review.  No other compensation has been received.


hard to believe

It really was yesterday, at least in my own mind, when he started Kindergarten.  It’s a bit surreal to say that he is a Senior in High School, and about to Graduate.

Part of me breathes a sigh of relief, that some of the hard part is over….. the other part of me approaches the pre-adult/adult years with some trepidation. ….  I start to wonder things like, “Will he come home for Christmas?”

For now we will just relish the last year of High School and all of the fun that it brings.  He decided that he wanted to be in the Yearbook, at the Public High School he takes Choir classes at this year………  so I drug out the 6th Child (my Nikon…) and started snapping away.

Here he is:  The Senior

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Love ya bud.  Have a great year!


Puddle Jumping

I think it was the beginning of June when I took these….

Jeremiah enjoying the simplicity of sprinkler puddles on a hot summer night, in the waning light of the setting sun.

004              005

006          007         011



Disneyland and Club 33

My family loves to vacation in groups.  LARGE groups.  If you need examples…. please refer to all posts NYC 2010. 

My sister Amy….  she just loves to vacation.  She was here for a week, home for a week and then took off to Disneyland.  ……….without me.   I am trying not to be bitter about that.

The whole reason for her trip revolved around this little hidden place within Disneyland called Club 33.  When she was telling me about these tickets she got…. she said that everyone knows about this place called Club 33 in New Orleans Square.  (I had never heard of it, but I nodded my head as if to say… “totally… everyone knows about Club 33”  when really I was thinking “no, I don’t have half a clue about what you are talking about”  sometimes smiling and nodding just keeps a conversation going) 

In case you are like me, and have no idea what in the world I am talking about I will give you the internet description of the joint.

Located within Disneyland, discreetly above the Blue Bayou in New Orleans Square is perhaps one of Orange County’s finest five star restaurants. With a limited membership of only 487, Club 33 is not open to the public. Members may however arrange for their friends and associates to experience the club.
If you are a Disney fan, we truly cannot express what a tremendous experience Club 33 has to offer. 

Presidents of the United States, leaders of foreign nations, dignitaries, actors, and business leaders from around the world have all enjoyed the club. It is  not unusual to be enjoying your meal, only to have a famous actor or well known celebrity sitting at the table next to you. There are many such stories, just ask any member or Club 33 staff. ~ www.disneylandclub33.com

Sounds cool huh?  Yeah I thought so too.

Anyway, I guess someone knew someone, who knew someone, who had a membership.  So they got some tickets, and hit the road to LA and went… scaled down family size. She went with my mom and nephew, her boyfriend and his parents drove over from AZ to get in on the exclusive action.   

Since I live in the Northwest, (and wasn’t invited), I have taken this trip to Disneyland vicariously through their Facebook posts and pictures…. that is how the uninvited enjoy vacations….  I told you I am trying not to be bitter…. right?

So, because they didn’t send me any pictures over email…. I will now go and snip their pictures off of FB and share them with you all.  That way…. all of us that weren’t invited can experience this swanky little gem inside Disneyland.

club 33

the family                           mom and sis

the entrance

I am getting excited to see what the inside looks like…..  are you?

inside 1                          inside 2


dessert                          Her dessert


sweet words and smiles

she said YES

the bling                                     preview of what is to come


Pretty cool place huh? 

Not to shabby getting engaged in your favorite vacation spot, inside a swanky elite club.

Bravo, Bravo…..

…..meanwhile I will try to forgive them for not inviting me.  Hopefully they remember to send me an invitation to the wedding!

Congratulations guys….

love you,

name gif


the way back machine

I am fiddling.

I yell tell my kids not to fiddle, and here I am breaking the rules.  I am such a rebel.

I will justify my fiddling by telling you that it is IN-structive, not DE-structive. 



Anyway….  I want to figure out how to add little galleries and make cool picture thingies ( a highly skilled tech word )  within Live Writer.  So while I play…. you will be treated to fun pictures from the way back machine……



052                           055


well I am starting to get a feel for how cool this program really might be.  now…. I will cross my fingers and see how it posts.


to market we go…..

 i told you that i had the shutter bug.  every where i go, i see things as if i am framing them for a shot.   it started at the farm…. and has spilled over into everything the last few weeks, including the weekly trip to the farmer’s market.

our local farmers market is one of my favorite places.  it’s quaint metal siding, and pole barn style, full of pickup trucks and people, beckon to me.  casual and unpretentious, it is a place teeming with energy.  it is vital and dynamic.  the ebb and flow of customers and conversation hold a rhythm all their own. 

it is a place where the homestead laborer, shakes hands with his customers, looks them in the eye….. AND….. knows their name……. 

…….a place where the words ‘fresh’ and ‘organic’ are not pasted on hermetically sealed plastic bags, they are understood facts that require no label to confirm. 

it is not a place for cash registers and credit cards, you need only bring your crumpled, worn, and hard earned green backs to exchange for the fruit of another’s toil. 

it is a place were customer service is more than a kitchy term….  it is the life and breath of agrarian commerce.


from the farm

Friends with farms are fun.

Lots of fun.

They let you come over and work.

For free.

They let you take pictures of their chickens

And their cows…..

And of their cows kissing their chickens……….

How cute is that?

oh!…. and they let you take pictures of all their fantastic stuff….

I love days at the farm……..

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