reports and writing

Music day!!!!…  how is it going for ya?

Well we have written our report.  All 150 words of it.  It covered the purpose of Music from a Biblical perspective, he talked about his favorite Hymn, and what the first two musical instruments were that were mentioned in the Bible.

This is the first time we have written anything formal for school.  Didn’t turn out too bad if I do say so myself.  Hunter’s big sister was even impressed.

Our next music project we will be working on is a small report on Charles Wesley.  He is the writer of Hark the Herald Angels Sing, which happens to be Hunter’s favorite hymn. It is kind of nice to have some music to do as we work in Language Arts and how to write an essay.  I love cross over work!

We didn’t read much this week from our Mr. Pipes book, but we will work on that more this next week.


sick week

Well it has been a sick week here.

No piano lessons, no reading about our composers, no math (yay!)…..  just lots of rest, plenty of clear liquids, and a nagging cough that I think is turning into bronchitis.

SO…. we have listened to some music on the radio as we have done some quiet reading, but really no formal school when he can’t talk without nearly hacking up a lung.

I would love to hear how your week went, though…. how did you weave music into your days?


I gave up…..

Not in teaching Music….. just on fighting the day we were trying to do it on!

My goodness it was pulling teeth to do Music on Wednesday.  Since Piano is on Monday, I decided to quit fighting it and just declare Music Monday.

This week we did just that.  We read more in Mr. Pipes and Hymns of the Reformation, and we read Psalm 47: 1-7, Psalm 100, 98, and 150 which all talk about music. We are also beginning a 150 word report for his Masters Club badge.  It will cover the purpose of music (Eph 5:18-20), talk about the first two musical instruments in the Bible (Genesis 4:21), why God created music (Col 3:17), and some thoughts on our favorite hymn.

On Monday we talked about music, and since we are currently studying hymns, we listened to our Selah, Favorite Hymns CD. Practiced our Piano one last time before we went to our lesson at 2:30.  It really made for a nice relaxed study day.

I think I am going to incorporate some Art in on Monday’s too.  I have been very interested in the things I have found from Harmony Art Mom.  I think I will start with the Grade 2 curriculum, since I have to pick somewhere to start and it might as well be in an area of History that we are currently studying.  There are composer study’s built right in…  I really think it will help make Mondays more interesting.

How about you, how’s it going?  Adding new things?  Switching days?  Are you learning new things and getting new ideas by reading what other families are studying?  I am.  You guys are such a great inspiration.


Going with the flow

This week has been full of the unplanned.  Driving trucks without dashboards, trucks dying… replacing the battery, but it is still not 100%…..  Now I am caring for one that is sick.  YUK!  Poor Guy.  He gets a couch day today.

Since my formal teaching lessons have been set aside for the day, I have plenty of time to tell you about what we are doing for Music this week. We are still learning about Martin Luther, from the Composer standpoint, not so much the historical one, even though they are quite tied together.

We continued to read in our Mr. Pipes, Hymns of the Reformation book. (when the car breaks, you suddenly have time to read while you wait for the Daddy rescue vehicle to arrive)

We participate in a church club called Master Clubs.  Kids earn badges and such for learning scripture and completing other sections.  It is sort of like Scouting, and Awana rolled into one.  Anyway, one of the badges that you can earn is one about Music.  We will need to write a 100 word report about a composer of some Hymns and we will use Martin Luther to do it.  I think it is a nice way to help motivate him to write a little….  since if I just asked him to do it for a school assignment, you would have seen him chew off his arm to avoid it.  Give him a badge to earn and he is suddenly Jack London.

I am enjoying this easy study of music intertwined with our lessons. I doesn’t feel strained or overwhelming.

Grab the Button…. Join in!


from Mozart to Martin

Welcome, again, to the Study of the Composers. Grab the button to the right and link up.

I can’t wait to hear how this week has gone for you.  We are planning a great giveaway in the weeks to come.  Make sure you join in each week so you don’t miss your chance to win a mini study on Composers from Barb at Harmony Fine Arts.  If you want to see more of Barb’s products in action, please make sure you read Petra School’s posts

With the way Hunter rolled his eyes yesterday when I mentioned Mozart, I knew it was time to move on and change it up a little.

Today we are going to be reading.  Good old fashioned reading. Yesterday we spent our music time searching High and Low for a catchy tune to learn the books of the Old Testament to.  Most of them were pretty boring.  But really, how exciting can you make big words like Haggai and Habakkuk? … that still counts as music study right?

No? well aren’t you a tough crowd.  I guess I should get back to the more serious stuff.

We have been walking through some of the Reformation in History, so why not tie it into music too.  I happened to have Mr.Pipes, And Psalms and Hymns of the Reformation

Mr. Pipes and Psalms and Hymns of the Reformation

So I thought I would break it out and give it a whirl.  We will camp out on Martin Luther this week.  Read a bit about his life and listen to two songs that he wrote.

A Mighty Fortress is Our God


and  All Praise to Thee, Eternal Lord.  Which I will attempt play on the piano.

next week we will see where we end up.  Maybe more hymns, maybe classical…. maybe jazz…. who knows.


To read or not to read

Four weeks in and I am really beginning to look forward to Thursdays and these posts to see what you all are doing in your own school’s.

If you are new to Study of the Composers, feel free to grab the button over there on the right, post it onto your blog, and join right in!

Now is the portion of the program where I tell you what we did this week.

I would love to tell you that we did some wonderful thing……  Truth is we didn’t do any work with Mozart this week.  ….. yet.  Yesterday it was on our schedule to do right after piano practice.

Problem was, that about 3 songs into practicing, Hunter grew a wild hair.  He decided to get up from the bench and show me this “cool trick” he had been working on.  It involved old couch cushions stacked up, running, jumping and flipping.  I uttered the standard mom caution, and stated that if it had to do with jumping and flipping I didn’t want to see it.  He, caught up in the uber coolness of his own amazingness, proceeded to show the trick…. without the running, and attempted a standing flip.

He landed smack on the back of his head and jarred his neck so completely I was tempted to take him to have it X-rayed.  I very safely got him to my bed where he could lay flat and undisturbed, and had him lay on some ice off and on….  He cooled his heels, staring at the ceiling for about an hour and a half until, Big Daddy, our military medic, came home from work and gave him the once over and declared him “ok”, but told him he was not to wrestle or jump around for the next few days.


some days…….. just don’t go like you plan……..

Well now that I have been completely transparent about how we DIDN’T do Mozart (yet) this week…

How is it going with you?


Mozart travels, and so do we

it is Thursday again.  Link up day!  Somehow Thursday snuck up on me this week, did that happen to anyone else?

This week we continued our Study of Mozart, primarily through reading, Mozart: The Boy Who Changed the World With His Music by Marcus Weeks.

We learned how Mozart traveled all over Europe as a child, what his daily life would have been like.  We explored how their dress was much different than ours is today, and how long it took to travel anywhere.  Hunter decided that the car was a great invention.

We began to enter into the years where Mozart began to work as a Konzertmeister.  Hunter didn’t like the fact that the Prince Archbishop ‘owned’ Mozart and wouldn’t let him travel to work on his music. I was amused by how strongly Hunter felt that someone shouldn’t ‘own’ you if you work for them.  I just chuckled under my breath, “Wait until you get your first job….”

All of our reading this week was done in the car.  We had lots of waiting to do for big sister at the end of last week and on Monday this week, as she finished the things she needed to have in to start college.  So while she was in various buildings, in various towns, we read.  Another reason I love homeschooling, learning can happen anywhere!

I have no pictures to share today, at least right now…  maybe if we have time to work on a little project today I can post a few pictures later this afternoon.


Mozart’s Family

Thank you again to Pebblekeeper at Petra School, for this great idea and way to help keep us accountable to studying the composers. Grab the button and join in!


Well, today was our first official day.  Sort of.

I will explain…..

Last week I picked up all of our reading books from the library, and we read Young Mozart, by Rachel Isadora while we were at the dentist on Friday.  Waste not quiet time, I always say.  Later that afternoon while we were playing with our Legos, we turned on a CD of Fantasia in C minor with three Sonata’s.  It was amazingly relaxing for me to have that playing in the afternoon.

Today we were much more official.  Today we got into the business of the facts, and working on remembering them.  Hunter learns better when his hands are in the subject.  So I created some pictures that could be used as cut outs, (they are pink because I DESPERATELY need a new printer!) and we made a folder with information about Mozart and his family.  Using the book Mozart the boy Who Changed the World With His Music, by Marcus Weeks.


This really seemed to work out well for him to be able to listen to me read a chapter, and create a timeline of sorts to hold the facts.

I punched holes out of the folder so that I can store them in a three ring binder as we learn about more composers through the year.   Next week we will study about what every day life would be like for Mozart.


Come Compose with me

I am so excited!

Today is the first day of “Study of the Composers”.  I must admit this is an area of study I will easily let go of when things get chaotic around here. I have started to study music with the kids for the last two years and never got past a month…..  sad but true.   Part of the reason I agreed to host this link up is for the accountability factor.  If you all are expecting a post on Thursdays, I better get one done!!!!

We, over here at Lighthouse Christian Academy, will be starting with Mozart.  I have just finalized the plan, so ……I have checked out some of his music on CD from the library and we will listen to it as we do our studies.  I also went to the library, via the internet, and checked out these books on Mozart since it is nice to have some background on a person you are listening too.

We will begin the reading next week, or maybe tomorrow if I get over to the library to pick everything up!

Our library books will be:

Musical genius : a story about Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Young Mozart and Mozart : the boy who changed the world with his music

From my Kindle I ordered the following books: (they contain multiple composers)

The Loves of Great Composers

The Standard Oratorios Their Stories, Their Music, And Their Composers

The Great German Composers

All of these Kindle books are Public Domain books and are FREE to download.  We will be using them mostly for me to read, and help provide some background on who we will be studying.

I also want to see how many of the works of Mozart have been attributed to him within hymns.  So far a quick scan of our church Hymnal led me to Jesus, I My Cross Have Taken and It Is Good to Sing Thy Praises.  I think it might be good to explore this avenue as well.

I can’t wait to bring you some pictures next week about how we actually incorporated this all into our studies.


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