BBQ Beef Sandwiches

Yet another crock pot recipe to bring your way.  September is back to school for nearly everyone so it is nice to have a few easy recipes that can cook all day and free you up to focus on other things. Even for those whose school days are long past….  It is still nice to come home to a house full of delicious aromas and know that all the hard part of cooking has been done.


You will need

a hunk of meat…  I use chuck roast or arm roast.


a 12 ounce bottle of your favorite BBQ sauce  ( or in my case, whichever is on sale for 98 cents.)


Place it in your slow cooker and let it simmer on low all day (8 hours).  If you forgot that you had to feed your family dinner until you remembered at lunch  ( don’t laugh… this happens to me…)  crank it up to High and let it go for about 5 hours.

Shred the meat and return to the sauce, and serve on some sort of roll.


This is a perfect time to use left over hamburger or hot dog rolls.  You could use hoagie rolls or onion rolls or plain ole’ regular bread.  Use what you have. Be creative.


See, we used a plain ole’ hot dog bun that was in the freezer from the last big cook out we had here. 


Enjoy and Happy Eating!

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