Charles ~ the forgotten Wesley

This week we studied more about the life of Charles Wesley. We (Hunter dictated, I typed) wrote a 150 word report about him for a project in Master Clubs.  We also earned our Christian Music badge this week!  Yay!

Did you know that Charles was one of 19 children?  They didn’t think he was going to live.  They wrapped him in wool after he was born and he just lay still and quiet for many weeks…..  as a mom, I could get used to a baby like that Smile

Hunter was amazed at how many hymns he wrote.  8,989 to be precise.  He was a missionary to the colony of Georgia.  Spoke 3 languages, Greek, Latin, and French.  He spent 22 years in school, 13 at Westminster, and 9 at Oxford. 

Hunter’s favorite hymn, written by Charles Wesley, is Hark! The Herald Angels Sing. With over 8,000 hymns to choose from maybe one of your favorite hymns was written by Charles too.

Last Sunday, Hunter played Chimes in front of the church with his Junior Ringers group, and in two weeks he will play the offertory for Sunday night service.  Does your child perform music anywhere besides the living room?

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