Chili Verde

This meal is a staple in this house.  I get teased for how often I recommend it to people, but really, I can’t think of anything easier than this recipe.

Out of curiosity I went and searched the name Chili Verde, to see how complicated other people are making it.  I found one that was over 20 ingredients!  Who has time for that?  Not this girl.

So welcome to my easy recipe for it. 

1 package pork butt or pork shoulder roast.  ( where I live they have a cut of pork in the store called carnitas.  I buy this cut often because it is half the cost of a shoulder roast )

1 jar of your favorite green salsa.

That is all.


put both in a crock pot, cook on low for 6-8 hours, or on High for 4-6.  Shred the meat and eat.

216                231

We usually serve it on tostada shells or tortillas, with our favorite taco fixings.



It tastes great and feeds an army.  If you have a smaller family freeze some of the portions for a later time in the month when you have a hectic day. 

Happy Eating!

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