Asia: The Peoples and History, a review

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Book:  Asia: The Peoples and History

Genre: Curriculum

Situational Uses: Home Bible Study, Sunday School, Children’s Church, Homeschool

Author: Bonnie Rose Hudson


E-Book available at: The Old Schoolhouse Magazine  for $6.95

Kindle Version available at: for $6.95

Print version is coming soon!

We used this book as a family devotional.  Each week, we broke from our usual family time and we would read a story and answer  the discussion questions from Asia: The Peoples and History.  My husband and I want our boys to have an understanding of other peoples and cultures. Life is so different when you live outside of the United States. We want them to know that not all the world has three or four Bibles to read or church buildings to meet in each week. Living in other cultures can be very difficult.

We are involved with a mid-week children’s ministry with our church and have been studying the missionary journeys of Paul in Acts. Our study of Asia: The Peoples and History helped us see that the need for the gospel hasn’t changed since the time of Paul. People today still need to know about Jesus.

Bonnie Rose Hudson uses vivid imagery to help your children experience what people in Asia experience each day. You will learn a bit more about the history of each country you study. There are also activities to help reinforce learning about each country and answer keys are included.

This book has studies on the following countries: Laos, Bangladesh, Napal, China, Iran, and Vietnam. If you were to follow a weekly study program the book would cover sixteen weeks worth of lessons.

My boys (ages 11 and 7) enjoyed the stories and activities each week.  They were always a little sad when a story ended, they wanted to hear more about the characters! My husband and I enjoyed listening to the boys answer the discussion questions. It was exciting to hear how they are growing and interpreting the world around them.  I think the best part for me, was hearing how they incorporated these lessons into their prayers.  With each new country we heard them include requests with their nightly prayers. It is a blessing to hear your child pray for people and places that need the Lord.

I encourage families to think about purchasing this book as a devotional study. It is a fantastic way to help your children learn about the people of Asia.

As a family, we decided to offer up a list of countries for Ms. Hudson’s next book.  We were thinking we would like to know more about the people and believers in the Philippines, Japan, Afghanistan, Cambodia, India, Kazakhstan, and North and South Korea.  What countries would you like to know more about? 


the quest for compassion


How busy are we?  Are the days filled with so much noise that we fail to see the people hurting all around us?  I am real busy.  My days are so noisy that I can’t hardly think.

Do we buy into the plastic smiles that are pasted on each day?  Are we looking into the eyes of those around us?  Can we see the pain…. the struggle?  Are we asking God to give us HIS eyes.  Our Father’s Eyes?

I have run into several people in the last few days where their smile says…  “I am fine.”  Their eyes say, “Please don’t be nice to me…. if you are nice to me, I will cry.  I need to cry…I am barely holding it under the surface right now…. I am not sure I can be that fragile with you….”

Each person’s story was different.  Each one of them needed a hug. Each one of them completely lied to me when I asked them how they were.  They said, “fine.”  I smiled and said I didn’t believe that… I listened, we hugged.  We cried.  We prayed.

I don’t know if it helped………

Maybe it made them feel worse…………

I don’t know……….  but God does.

He wants me to be a woman of compassion, loving others, ministering to their needs.  Ephesians 4 tells me to work with  my hands that I might have something to give him who had need.  To make sure my words are filled with grace, that phrase in the Greek means for me to be able to say what is needed in the nick of time….  I am to be kind with a tenderness that come from deep within.

I can’t do that if I am walking through church “On a Mission” to get from point A to point B.  I can’t do that when I can only see my To Do list each day.  If I am not reading my Bible, what wisdom will have to share in the nick of time?

Friends,  I struggle with this.  I am a get it done gal.  Go, Go, Go…. is what my days look like.  I ask for your prayers as God molds me into the woman of compassion that he wants me to be.

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