This guy…….

This guy is amazing….. 

…. he is the creator of “tuckin’ time” and makes sure the boys are tucked into their blanket ‘burritos’ each night. Tuckin’ time finishes off with prayer time when he patiently listens to the sweet prayers of his boys.

…. he is an encourager. He has not tired of cheering me on as I have worked at losing weight. He pitches in and wraps candy, washes dishes, folds laundry, cook part of dinner…. whatever it takes to help get the job done.

…. he is a teacher. He helps teach young ladies how to care for their cars, because dads aren’t always around and a girl needs to know how to fix the basics.

…. he is pretty much MacGyver. Richard Dean Anderson and his team of writers have NOTHING on this guy. If you can describe it, he can draw and build it. If you need it written, he is a published author. Bubble gum and baling wire fixes are his specialty, and he minors in crisis management…. making sure we all have an exit plan.

….he has been known to resemble Batman. Send out a distress signal? He will answer and meet you at the mall, at the grocery store, or the side of a freeway… and he will get your rig back on the road.

….he is a leader. Not a shouter of orders but a servant leader. He will never ask you to do it, unless he is willing to do it with you. He is a military guy so if you will allow me to elaborate this way: metaphorically speaking, he leads this family into battle, not from his horse…. but with his boots on the ground…. putting in the hard work with us. He has our back in the middle of the fire-fight, and we have his….

I love this guy…

PS…. Happy Birthday, babe.

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