The Wedding March


It’s Thursday!  Time to share what you are learning about your composers.

I had absolutely NO idea that Mendelssohn wrote this piece…..

We have wedding on the brain around here.  My sister is getting married in March and we have been trying on dresses, working out colors of shoes, consulting in little decorating ideas….

Now when she walks down the isle.  We will be able to say we know who wrote that song!

Let me know what you think of the new linky….


Moving on to Mendelssohn

We finished this years installment of Beethoven… and we are moving over to the German Romantic side of things.  We will hang around listening to Jakob Ludwig Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy; whom English speaking countries refer to as Felix Mendelssohn.  Much easier to say… sort of.

File:Mendelssohn Bartholdy.jpg

Smart looking chap isn’t he? He is curly headed like my eldest son.  I have a soft spot for curly haired musical types. More information than you needed to know about me, I’m sure.

A selected listening item for this composer (see Ambleside Online for more details) was: The Hebrides (Fingal’s Cave) – Overture

Moving, Stirring, Rousing, and in places LOUD… are words that come to mind.  I suggest listening to it at a low volume otherwise the portions written in ff  will blow out your eardrums and send to diving for the volume dial mid-overture…. not that I did that or anything, ….just sayin’.

Most of our discussion this week was around the specific dynamics that pieces are written in. They range from soft to loud, to SUPER loud.  We discussed how music tells a story with the ebb and flow of it’s volume just as much as each instrument does within an orchestra. 

Did I mention that Hunter got a drum set for Christmas?  I think we lost our minds for a moment or two….  But he is really pretty good, especially for a 9 year old, whose mother knows nothing about the drums…and is clearly biased.

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